About the Author

My Work

     I've always enjoyed writing, but until recently I never put much effort into it. Fear of judgement and doubt of my ability hindered me from doing what I always wanted to do; write and be a published Author.

     Now I write nearly every day. I laugh, grin, and sometimes cry with my characters as I put them through impossible scenarios. 

My Journey

     The Power series was my first real effort to complete a novel, and it took over a year to complete the first book.  I'm not saying it's perfect, there are sections I would have done differently now that I look back, but I have chosen to leave them as is, except for grammar, for the history of my progress as a writer.

     The Shades of Darkness series is my newest endeavor and I'm enjoying the effort immensely. So far it's a fun fast read with magic, action, and even love. 

Books that have influenced my writing.