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A Twist of Shadow by James Stoakes.
A fantasy novel.

The Power Series

Imagine discovering that you had power that was only limited by your imagination. Now imagine being 18 years young with that kind of power. Travel with a thought by teleportation, create grand illusions, read other people's thoughts, or kill, if necessary.

Shades of Darkness Series

Drake is a big thief in a small world with major aspirations. He wants to explore the unknown territory. There is only one problem, no one has been able to get past the Barrier Mountains or The Deathly Forest alive. Join him as other adventurers gravitate to him in Twist of Shadow.


 This is a whimsical section where the author attempts to give the reader a gimps of some of the character's personalities. It's a work in progress. 

Author's Blog

Join in on the blog, interact with the author. 

Coming Soon!

Villainy, a new story, will be available to read online for free. It will be released in increments on this site. The first increment will be available October 15th.

Real evil exists and chaos is his name.

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